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Consumers cutting Valentine's Day spending this year
How to have a fantastic, fun Valentine’s Day

Top 10 gifts to avoid giving the woman or man in your life

St Johns Wort Tea
When I was doing Valentine’s Day research, I ran across an article on the worst gifts to give the woman you love.

One of the items I’d recently purchased for myself: the St. John’s wort tea, which the box says “Encourages a positive mood.” I’m using the herb in poultices to help my arthritic fingers.

The following top 10 list worst gifts for women, by disaboom, made me chuckle:

10. Bathroom scale

9. Breast enlargement snacks

8. Spicy dice, a game where you roll for choices such as “Kiss,” “Tickle,” “My feet”…

7. Feather duster

6. Video game for your game system

5. The book “He’s Just Not That Into You"

4. Skinny-leg jeans

3. Good mood dietary supplement, such as St. John’s wort tea

2. Moluccan cockatoo, birds that shriek loudly and can live 80 years or more

1. Bikini wax kit

See the article “Top 10 Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Girlfriend” for details on why these gift ideas are bad.

On the flip side, here’s a list of gifts that most men wouldn't appreciate:

10. Video games

9. Regifted gifts

8. A picture of you in a frame or on a coffee mug

7. Clothes that don’t fit

6. Self-help books

5. Flowers

4. Gift cards

3. Fitness products

2. Mouthwash

1. Sex-related products

See “10 Bad Gift Ideas for Men on Valentine’s Day” on Factoidz for information on why these gifts most likely wouldn't be appreciated.

My next post will be "How to Have a Fantastic, Fun Valentine's Day."

Copyright 2010, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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As a man, I totally agree with you that no men would like to receive valentines gifts like flowers, mouthwash, clothes that don't fit and regifted gifts.

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