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Watch out for Valentines Day scams
Consumers cutting Valentine's Day spending this year

Top 10 romantic gifts for Valentines Day


Looking for ideas on what to give your loved one on that day of romance, Valentines Day?

Here are some suggestions from the Web site Everything Valentines Day:

1. An iPad.

2. A bouquet of red roses.

3. A box of chocolates.

4. A CD of romantic songs.

5. The latest smart phone.

6. Air tickets for a weekend trip to your favorite destination.

7. A nice piece of jewelry.

8. An entire day with you, which starts with a romantic movie, followed by a warm candle lit dinner, and ends with both of you gazing at the moon.

9. A photo frame with a nice photograph of both of you in the frame.

10. Your beloved's favorite perfume.

Is your favorite gift on the list? If not, let me know in the Comment section below what you’d most like to get from your sweetheart for Valentines Day. Or, tell me what was the best Valentines Day present you’ve ever received.

My next post will be "Consumers Cutting Valentine's Day Spending This Year."

Copyright 2010, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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Thanks for sharing the top 10 romantic gifts for Valentine's Day. Valentine Day is very near. Your blog is informative and helpful. It was nice going through it.

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