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February 09, 2010


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Thanks for offering a nuanced, critical view of the ads. I don't follow sports and didn't see these, but all I can hear is glowing reports about these commercials.


Hi Rhea,

Thanks for your comment.

I also don't follow sports, but I think it's important to write about these ads from the consumer point of view because they get so much attention.

Now I'm seeing the Academy Award nominated movies to I can write about them. I'm watching violent movies, which I don't like at all.


Phil McMillan

Come on Rita, violence in the ads? These were all comedy spots that any child would recognize as fake but funny. Tim Tebow did not really tackle his mother. Betty White was not really tackled. People know when something is staged to get a laugh. You and I can have different opinions on these ads but let's stay in the real world. Hey... you're not one of those feminists, are you?



Hi Phil,

I'm reading more and more articles on how the Super Bowl ads missed the mark.

Business Week's "Super Bowl Ads Need to Age Gracefully" pointed out that the ads were aimed at younger generation males who like beer, cars, and girls. Boomers, who have big earning power, were ignored or made fun of. See

The Boomer Project's newsletter called Jumpin' Jack Flash contained a scathing article "Super Bowl Follies" that said the ads were terrible.


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