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Watch out for mortgage foreclosure ‘rescue’ companies

The Federal Trade Commission has stopped another mortgage foreclosure "rescue" operation that allegedly promoted bogus loan modification and foreclosure relief services. In February 2009, the FTC charged National Foreclosure Relief Inc. and three company officials with falsely claiming they would stop foreclosure or fully refund consumers’ money. In response, the... Read more →

Recall of the Week: Hamburger sold at WinCo Foods that could be contaminated with E. coli

WinCo Foods is expanding a Class 1 recall on all fresh ground beef products sold at all WinCo Foods stores. The original recall issued on April 10, 2010, was for ground beef sold from its Modesto store only. An independent lab had tested two samples of ground beef purchased at... Read more →

What were your best and worst consumer experiences this week?

Which consumer happenings cheered you recently and which ones made you want to scream or weep? 

 Here are my best and worst consumer experiences this week: 

 My best: Working on a wedding video In 2006, my niece was married at the Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano, Italy, near Rome.She... Read more →

Federal Reserve Board needs to roll back recent unfair credit card interest rate hikes

After Congress passed legislation last year to curtail in some of the worst credit card lending practices, many banks responded by hiking interest rates before the new rules went into effect, including on customers with perfect bill paying records. The Federal Reserve Board should require banks to roll back the... Read more →

Happy Earth Day

Earth Day was created in 1970, an era when many baby boomers were immersed in activist causes. It was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson as an "environmental teach-in" designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment. What are the best earth day events? Katherine J. Chen, blogger... Read more →

Top 10 Earth Day tips

This year is the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day. I remember when Earth Day was created. More was being learned about harmful environmental practices after years of unabated development and pollution. As young people, we had hope that things would turn around and humans could learn to live in more... Read more →