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Top 25 defining images in baby boomer history


Over at Online Colleges, they’re taking a look at some of the most defining images from the history of baby boomers. Their list includes:

1. Martin Luther King Jr.’s "I Have a Dream" speech

2. LBJ being sworn in as president, with Jackie Kennedy

3. Beatles arrive in America

4. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.

5. Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy

6. Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon

7. Kent State shootings

8. Nixon’s V for Victory sign

9. Evacuation of Saigon

10. Dan White protestors

11. Loss of the Challenger

12. Chernobyl

13. Reagan and Gorbachev talks

14. Tiananmen Square protests

15. Fall of the Berlin Wall

16. Gulf War

17. Oslo Accords

18. Rwanda genocide

19. Oklahoma City

20. Columbine High School shootings

21. Terrorist attacks, September 11, 2001

22. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

23. Fall of Saddam Hussein

24. Bernie Madoff

25. Swearing in of Barack Obama

How well do these choices represent baby boomer history? I think they do a fairly good job. However, I think two are missing: baby boomers at Woodstock and boomers becoming Yuppies and immersing themselves in work and consumption. In addition, I think the photo of Richard Nixon leaving the White House after he resigned is more of a defining moment in boomer history than his V for Victory photo. 

Also, it's sad that so many of these photos are about death and tradegy.

Let me know your opinions in the Comments section below.

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