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Ethnic plastic surgeries, procedures increasing in popularity

Asia is now the world's second-largest plastic-surgery hub after the United States.

Plastic surgery is a $2.4-billion-a-year business in China. In Japan, consumers spend $18.4 million on it annually. In the past three years, India has experienced a 15 percent growth in plastic surgery.

Here’s what Asian women are spending money on, reports the Marie Clair article “Special Beauty: Erasing Ethnicity.”
  • Double-eyelid surgery to create a crease in the eyelid.
  • Calf reduction.
  • Leg lengthening.
In the past five years, the number of ethnic plastic surgeries performed on minorities jumped 65 percent – compared with an increase of 38 percent for the overall population.

Here are other popular procedures:

Nose job – Nose reshaping for minorities generally leads to narrower nostrils, a higher bridge, and a pointier tip.

Breast augmentation – Outside the U.S., the top countries are Spain, Italy, U.K., Sweden, Finland, India, Norway, and Slovenia. Among minorities in the U.S., the procedure ranks No. 1 for Hispanics and No. 2 for Asian-Americans.

Blue Eyes – Available since 1984, color contacts are popular with Middle Eastern women.

Skin In June 2007, the first tanning salon opened in Beijing. In India, Bollywood stars are going for the burnt-sienna hue one sees in Malibu, achievable only via a bottle. In Japan, bronzing goods account for $140 million in sales.

Hair – Eighty percent of Koreans in their 20s lighten their hair. Hair straightening is increasing in popularity throughout the world. Nearly all Dominican women straighten their hair.

See the article for details on these procedures, their popularity, and their possible troublesome side effects that can be experienced by some of them.

Copyright 2010, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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