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Is it O.K. to file or clip your nails in public?

My daughter is adamant. Don’t clip your fingernails in my house and leave ANY clippings where I can see them!

IMG_2367 A former co-worker used to bug me by clipping his nails when he sat in the cubicle next to me.

I don’t like to see people filing their nails or clipping them in public. I think it’s a grooming activity you should do at home.

I looked through discussion boards, articles, and posts on the nail filing-clipping question. Most people didn’t like to see others doing nail care, especially at work.

In Etiquette Hell’s “Pedicure Pest,” a story is told about a co-worker who asked to borrow a nail clipper. She proceeded to sit down, take off her shoes, put her feet on her co-workers desk, and then cut, file, and clean her toenails. Yuck.

What’s your opinion? Do you clip your fingernails at work?

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Susan "Fingernail Disorder" Jenner

I don't clip my fingernails at work, I do it always in the house. It is just embarrassing doing it, like putting your feet on your co-office desk.


NO. Nor is it OK to floss, q-tip or brush your hair.

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Bobby J.

No! Do not clip your nails in public. Seriously, you may have nail fungus and not even realize it, and you may give it to someone else. Please do not clip your nails in public ever!

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