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September 03, 2010


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Sue Lean

Thanks for this Labor Day history update! I liked it!


Hi Sue,

Thank you. I liked finding the photo and attending a Labor Day picnic today.


Raymond Ruggles

Back in 1962 I was trained as a journeyman painter for three years. Union painters were finding less and less work because non-union workers would work for less. Union workers were trained to perform all aspects of the trade. Painters went to a class at the junior college one night a week for three years and painted during the day. We learned everything from rigging swing-stages on multistory buildings,varnishing fine woodwork, spraying fine cabinets, enameling,rolling and matching colors. Some non-union workers rolled paint on sheet-rock and could do nothing else.
In 1970 I spent two years learning the trade of sheet-rock finisher. Taping,floating, applying texture with a 24 inch knife, and use of all the tools.
In 1950, about 40% of workers belonged to a union. Today, probably about 10% of workers belong. Government and business work together to make it very difficult to form or join unions. This makes certain that workers get paid less and receive no benefits. We the people suffer because it is harder to find quality tradesman.
There are self-taught tradesmen who are extremely competent.


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