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Facts and figures for the 2010 holiday season

U.S. consumers plan to spend an average of $688.87 on holiday-related shopping, a slight rise from last year’s $681.83, according to National Retail Federation.

Christmas Tree 2010 Madrid 014 On holiday travel, 87.7 million Americans will be traveling 50 miles or more away from home during the year-end holidays, reports AAA. This is a 3.8 percent increase from the 84.5 million Americans who traveled during the same Christmas-New Year period last year and is the largest projected increase for any major holiday this year.

The U.S. Census Bureau offers the following holiday-related facts and figures from its data collection:    

$27.4 billion

Other U.S. retailers with sizable jumps in sales between November and December 2009 were book stores, 98 percent; clothing stores, 36 percent; jewelry stores, 135 percent; radio, TV, and other electronics stores, 42 percent; and sporting goods stores, 71 percent.


The percentage of total 2009 sales for department stores in December. For jewelry stores, the percentage was 21 percent.

$30 billion

Value of retail sales by electronic shopping and mail-order houses in December 2009 – the highest total for any month last year.

$488.5 million

The value of U.S. imports of Christmas tree ornaments from China between January and August 2010. China was the leading country of origin for these ornaments. China also was the leading foreign source of artificial Christmas trees shipped to the United States – $28.2 million worth – during the same period.

$5.1 billion

The value of U.S. toy imports including stuffed toys and dolls, puzzles, and electric trains from China between January and August 2010. China was the leading country of origin for stuffed toys coming into this country, as well as for other popular holiday gifts. These include roller skates, $37 million; sports footwear, $218 million; and basketballs, $32 million. China leads Thailand as the leading supplier of ice skates, $9 million versus $6 million, with Canada ranking third with $4 million.

Holiday season names

Place names associated with the holiday season include North Pole, Alaska, population 2,226 in 2009; Santa Claus, Ind., 2,303; Santa Claus, Ga., 247; Noel, Mo., 1,615; Rudolph, Wis., 418; and Dasher, Ga., 821. In addition, there’s Snowflake, Ariz., 5,686, and a dozen places named Holly, including Holly Springs, Miss., and Mount Holly, N.C. 

Copyright 2010, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist 


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