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December 2010

How to clean up a broken CFL bulb

Compact fluorescent light or CFL bulbs contain a small amount of mercury sealed in glass tubing. When a CFL breaks in your home, some of the mercury is released as mercury vapor. The broken bulb can continue to release mercury vapor until it’s cleaned up and removed from the home.... Read more →

Top 10 consumer stories for 2010

It’s been a mixed year for American consumers. While some important consumer protection measures have been passed, a sluggish economy continues to hurt those who are unemployed and corporations continue to gain power at the expense of consumers. 1. The Great Recession continues on. As of November, more than 6.3... Read more →

Food safety tips for pregnant women during the holidays

The birth rate among women in their early forties increased in 2009, while it dropped among younger age groups including teens. If you’re a pregnant baby boomer, here are food safety tips for the holiday season: Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially when touching raw meat, raw... Read more →

Top 10 hopeful stories for 2010 for consumers and the environment

One thing that cheers me up every year is going to the Green Festival in Seattle sponsored by Green America and other organizations. It was at my first Green Festival that I met David Korten, cofounder of the Positive Futures Network which publishes Yes! Magazine. Korten, an economist, believes decision... Read more →

Food safety bill to be signed by president

One in six Americans gets sick, tens of thousands are hospitalized, and more than 3,000 people die each year in the United States from eating contaminated food. Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, which will strengthen the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s food safety... Read more →

DuPont fails to report toxic chemical studies

DuPont has agreed to pay a penalty of $3.3 million to resolve 57 violations of the Toxic Substances Control Act. DuPont failed notify the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency of research showing that substantial risk was found during testing chemicals for possible use as surface protection, masonry protection, water repellants, sealants,... Read more →