Recall of the Week: Cachet Swivel Chairs due to fall hazard
Top tips for baby boomers as they reach 65 this year

Boomer Guide celebrates its third anniversary

It’s been three years since I launched The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide.

Andalusia Rita Castle It’s fun and rewarding to be writing about consumer issues daily. It’s like having your own newspaper.

Another thing great about blogging is being able to post from anywhere. I’ve written articles while I’ve traveled to Miami, Sacramento, and Madrid.

That’s me to the right, being a tourist in Andalusia, in southern Spain.

Last year’s anniversary post indicated that I’d written 621 blog posts and received 617 comments.

Now I’ve written 952 posts and received 865 comments. My total page views so far are 163,387.

The top posts among my readers for 2010 are:

“Top 10 Earth Day Tips”

“’Food Inc.’ the Movie Offers 10 Startling Details on the American Food System”

“How to Prune Rhododendrons”

“Should You Throw Away Your Pyrex Glass Bakeware?”

"Should You Refuse to Be X-Rayed by an Airport Body-Scanning Machine?”

“Federal Agency Warns of Possible Fracture Risk With Osteoporosis Drugs”

“What Would You Suggest as a New Name for High-Fructose Corn Syrup?”

“FDA Poised to Approve Genetically Engineered Salmon”

“Recall of the Week: Massive Egg Recall Due to Possible Salmonella Contamination – Be Sure to Check Your Eggs”

“How to Keep Raccoons Out of Your Yard”

Thank you so much for your readership throughout the year. Be sure to let me know what consumer issues interest you. And, leave me a comment. It’s exciting to receive them.

Copyright 2011, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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