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Ideas for non-sugar Easter treats
Ways to help the planet on Earth Day

Top 10 tips for celebrating Easter

By Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist

Easter Twins

Whether you’ll be celebrating with just your family or inviting a crowd, here are tips for having an Easter that’s terrific:

1. Planning and organizing

Keep it simple. Use plastic eggs to avoid mess and waste. Plan a simple menu or arrange a potluck. For more suggestions, see “Top 10 Tips for a Great Easter.”

2. Decorating

Choose pastel colors, yellow and green, for example, that complement each other for your table. Select or create a tall dramatic arrangement. See “Top 10 Tips for Easter Tables" for more ideas.

3. Easter eggs

Use natural items such as onionskins, beet juice, spinach leaves juice, and turmeric for dying Easter eggs. For details, go to “How to Dye Easter Eggs Using Natural Materials.”

4. Memories

Make a list of your favorite Easter memories. Ask your family or your guests to share their memories, too. Visit “What’s Your Favorite Easter Memory?” for ideas.

5. The hunt

Select safe places to hide the Easter eggs. Mark the area of the hunt with flags or tape so that children spending a lot of time searching areas where there aren’t any eggs. Visit “Top 10 Tips for an Easter Egg Hunt” for more suggestions.

6. Safety

Separate age groups so that the large kids aren’t knocking over smaller children. Or enforce a no running rule. Visit “10 Safety Tips for Easter Egg Hunting” for more ideas.

7. Non-sugar treats

Select stickers, small age-appropriate toys, and dried fruit to put in plastic Easter eggs rather than candy. Go to “Ideas for Non-sugar Easter Treats” for additional suggestions.

8. Activities

Take a walk in the park or go to a beach. For other ideas, see “Top 10 Fun Things to Do With Your Kids This Easter.”

9. Family traditions

Follow your favorite family traditions. Attend a church service, go to your favorite quiet spot in the great outdoors, or visit a nursing home.

10. Green Easter

Think of ways you can “green” your Easter such as using real grass clippings or recycled paper in Easter baskets, buy Easter baskets you can use for many years, and look for farm raised eggs. See “Green Tips for Easter Sunday” for more information.

Whatever your plans, have a wonderful Easter celebration.

Copyright 2011, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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