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More people celebrating Halloween this year

What are great Halloween costumes for baby boomers this year?

By Rita R. Robison

With Halloween costumes getting more and more risqué and bazaar, what’s a good, age-appropriate costume for baby boomers to wear to upcoming parties?

BoomercostumeKate Forgach, a baby boomer consumer writer for Kinoli Inc., offers these suggestions:


Muammar Gaddafi

You'll need a black curly wig, red fez, checked scarf, and homemade T-shirt emblazoned with "I Love Libya." If you're going with a gang, add a few Nigerian soldiers to do your bidding throughout the evening. You also might want to carry a journal filled with love notes to Condoleeza Rice and several photos of the former Secretary of State.

Zach Galifianakis in Hangover II

A fake beard and a baldhead or bathing cap are all you'll need to recreate Mr. Alan Garner.

Hangover II - Part II

If you're dressing as Zach and going with a buddy, he'll need to create a Mayan face tattoo then add wire rim glasses and stodgy clothes to give him the unique style of Ed Helms as Stu Price. The last member of your wolf pack need only wear khakis, a white dress shirt, and look dashingly handsome.

Harold Camping

Harold Camping predicted the world would end in 1994. He again foretold the End Times would happen May 21, 2011. To portray the preacher, don fluffy sideburns, a powdered white wig, and a sports jacket and take a fat book to thump as you preach to all within range.

Charlie Sheen

You can create your own outfit or go with a mask, wig, and "Winning" hat.



If you're still shuttling kids to soccer and band practice, take on the dual role of a mommy mummy. Pick up some high-waisted mom jeans at Goodwill, along with an appliquéd shirt or sweater. Wrap yourself in toilet paper and carry a soccer ball.

Babe Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

The movie "Abe Lincoln, Vampire Hunter" is coming out in 2012, but women can dress as the president who freed the slaves and, apparently, slew the bloodsuckers. You'll need a stovepipe hat made from construction paper, a formal black coat, fake beard, and a short skirt with high heels. You can also carry a bloodied stake.


The wild chicks of Judd Apatow's summer comedy are easy to replicate with thrift store bridesmaids' costumes, preferably in Pepto Bismal pink, and a meringue-pie wedding gown with a matching pink ribbon for a waistband.

Elizabeth Bennett, Zombie-style

The "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" novel offers a grisly twist to a period costume. Pick up a long, empire-waist dress at a thrift store or create your own using a puff-sleeved tee shirt and floor-length skirt. Arrange your hair into a conservative bun, then dishevel the entire look with random blood spatter and zombie makeup.


Prince Charles and Camilla

You can play the prince and his wife for just $2.01 each with masks from Discount Costumes. Or, try the Queen Elizabeth mask for a discounted $1.26. Shipping and handling are $5.95.

Jack and Jill

Take two T-shirts. Write "Jack" on one and "Jill" on the other. Create a broken crown for Jack out of poster board and add fake blood, then create bruises on Jill with black-and-blue face paints to indicate her role as "She who came tumbling after." Make sure you both carry pails of water and trip occasionally. 

A Pair of Blue Jeans

Both of you wear blue clothes. His nametag reads "Gene" and hers says "Jean." You also can add blue skin paint.

Baby Boomers

The costume requires a box of Depends and a baby-doll top. You might use scrub tops covered in duckies or another childish pattern then add a big bow around the neck. Props could include giant baby/water bottles and your social security cards.

Copyright 2011, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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