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What was your best and worse consumer experience this week?

By Rita R. Robison

Which consumer happenings cheered you this week and which ones made you want to scream or weep?

Here are my best and worst consumer experiences this week:

My best: Attending a terrific workshop

This was a great week. When I saw a friend, she told me the Day of Empowerment workshop In Olympia, Wash., was coming up Friday. I checked it out and was able to attend.

Morgana Rae Among the many highlights was a presentation by Morgana Rae, life coach and author of “Financial Alchemy: 12 Months of Magic and Manifestation.”

Rae said most people have a relationship with money that blocks them from abundance. She described how women can get rid of their money monster and replace him with a “Money Honey” who will help them make money.

I bought Rae’s book, and I’m looking forward to learning more about her ideas on helping people attain their full potential.

My worst: Spending a lot of time trying to place an order with Green Depot

When I wanted to order a new filter for my Aireox air cleaner, I spent a couple of hours on Sunday trying to contact Green Depot in Seattle.

I called all the numbers I could find on the Internet for Green Depot and also Ecohaus, a company it purchased. None worked. I called the number I had for the Environmental Home Center, the company I did business with for years until it was purchased by Green Depot. I couldn’t reach anyone. I gave up in frustration.

Monday, I tried again. This time I had success. I reached the Portland Green Depot. The customer service representative said the Green Depot phones in Seattle weren’t working. They could call out, but weren’t able to receive any calls. Green depot Seattle had finally arranged with Green Depot Portland to take the calls.

I placed my order with the Portland store. It turned out that the Seattle store didn’t have the filter I needed.

Copyright 2011, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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