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November 17, 2011


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Wow, that seems cheap to feed 10 people actually. We live overseas and are going out to a restaurant that features the Thanksgiving menu, and it costs more than that per person (though it includes wine which may not be included in that estimate).


Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner. People who want to save money will certainly do so by following Andrea's tips. However, it made me feel tired to think about making a pumpkin pie from scratch, as well as making the rest of the traditional meals.


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I was browsing the internet for some business blogs and I came across yours. I bet your topic is a perfect timing for me to read since holidays are fast approaching. Anyway, your article is a must read for homemakers out there.

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Cost cutting your budget for holidays or events is a good thing as long as it will really help you save financially because if it goes the other way you will have nothing left...

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