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January 2012

Boomer Project predicts baby boomers will continue to transform America in 2012

By Rita R. Robison In its recent newsletter, the Boomer Project, a consulting firm focusing on marketing to boomers, predicts that baby boomers will continue to transform American culture, pursuing their own vitality through their midlife years and on into old age. John Martin, on the left in the photo,... Read more →

Obama’s recess appointment of financial bureau chief is a good step for consumers

By Rita R. Robison Yesterday, President Obama appointed Richard Cordray to head the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in a recess appointment. While Cordray isn’t Elizabeth Warren, who conservatives saw as too powerful for the job, getting him appointed to lead the new agency is important for consumers. After the... Read more →

Standard light bulbs changed, not banned, as of Jan. 1

By Rita R. Robison On Jan. 1, new standards took effect that make incandescent light bulbs 25 to 30 percent more efficient. Incandescent light bulbs aren’t being banned, they’re being changed so they’re more energy efficient. The new light bulbs will cut consumer’s energy bills and reduce emissions from power... Read more →