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Getting my Mac to work is this week’s best consumer experience, while paying extra for a 3D movie disappoints

By Rita R. Robison

I was lucky to get my Mac working again. However, I wasn’t pleased about paying more for a 3D movie.

My best consumer experience: Figuring how to get my Mac running again

Apple Computer 2 IMG_8859_2

When I turned on my Mac Thursday morning, neither my mouse nor keyboard would work. Since I couldn’t Google for ideas or type anything in, I took the mouse and keyboard over to Best Buy.

A guy on the Geek Squad got the mouse working and said it looked like I’d dropped the keyboard, damaging the area around the switch. I told him to try to pry the bent part up, because if the keyboard was ruined, he couldn’t ruin it any further. He was able to make the repair.

I went to the library to write my blogs in case I couldn’t get my Mac to work.

Sure enough, despite the fact that the geek at Best Buy said the mouse and keyboard were working, I couldn’t get them to operate.

All along, I thought that something might be wrong with my Bluetooth. After stewing around for a while, I unplugged my computer. When it came back on, it said there was a problem with the Bluetooth. I held down the switch on the keyboard and both the keyboard and the mouse started operating.

I was relieved. I got my Mac back and didn’t have to pay a lot of money.

My worst experience: Paying extra to see a 3D movie

This weekend, I’m on a movie marathon to the Academy Award nominated movies so I can write about them before the big day.

One of the movies I saw Friday was “Hugo.” It was a good movie, but I had to pay $4.50 extra to see it in 3D. Disappointing. I didn’t really think 3D added that much to the movie.

Copyright 2012, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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