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Paying less for ink jet cartridges is this week’s best consumer experience, while cashing a check at Walmart is upsetting

By Rita R. Robison

This week, I had so many good and bad consumer experiences, it’s difficult to choose what to write about. Here are two among many:

My best consumer experience: A good price on ink jet cartridges

Canon Cartridges

Usually, I buy my Canon ink jet cartridges at Office Depot. The black-and-white cartridge costs $22; the color cartridge $27. I wait until I get a coupon for $10 off on a purchase of $50 or more to buy them.

At Costco, I found a package with two black-and-white and one color cartridge for $17 each. A big savings.

My worst consumer experience: A check transaction at Walmart


Due to Walmart’s land use and employee practices, I don’t shop there often. However, a Walmart has opened next to Costco where I shop occasionally.

When I went to get the one thing I buy at Walmart, getting a check cashed was a big hassle. The cashier asked to see my driver’s license. That’s not common at a retail store. I don’t want to have that information stored in Walmart’s computer. Hacking happens too often, in my opinion.

I asked the cashier if Walmart kept my driver’s license number on file. He wasn’t clear in his answer, so I asked to see the manager.

She didn’t know for sure, so she asked the assistant manager who she said knew more about computers. The manager said that not every customer is asked for the driver’s license number. If I shop at Walmart, frequently I might not be asked to show it.

The manager said my driver’s license number isn’t stored in Walmart’s computer. That every 24 or 48 hours, my number gets erased. However, if that’s correct, then what are they comparing my number to if nothing is stored in their computer system.

I’m not sure I received the correct answer about how Walmart’s check cashing system works. If I go in the future, I’ll use my credit card or pay cash.

Copyright 2012, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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