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Blogging Boomer Carnival #274 offers tips on vegetables, finances, marriage, and food waste

By Rita R. Robison

This week, I’m the host for Blogging Boomer Carnival #274.

The carnival is a collection of like-minded blogs cooperating to share their best stories of interest to the Baby Boomer Generation.

Alki Beach IMG_1210What topics are boomer bloggers writing about as summer winds down and Labor Day approaches?

For the Accidental Locavore, it’s stuffed vegetables. Anne Maxfield shares a recipe for eggplants stuffed with lamb and pine nuts. It's an easy way to take advantage of great summer produce.

The Midlife Crisis Queen is reading up on how the Baby Boomer generation compares to their parents. Laura Lee Carter just read a new Pew Research Center report on the demise of the American middle class. She’d also like to share her take on how divorce can turn into a golden opportunity for personal change.

Tom Sightings, of Sightings from 60, is taking advantage of this last weekend before Labor Day and heading off to the country for corn on the cob, home-grown tomatoes … and one last great gasp of summer.

On Silver & Grace, Eliza Fayle asks, “When you’re out of balance, what messages do you receive from your body?” Fayle started paying attention to this and discovered, “When I’m in a tizzy, I get dizzy.”

So Baby Boomer asks, "Is Your Marriage Graying?" On John Agno’s blog, Jody Gastfriend, of Care Management, writes about what keeps her marriage vital and exciting as she and her husband get older. Gastfriend said she’s one of those boomer women that barely, no pun intended, got through book No. 1 of “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

On my blog, I wrote about food waste and what consumers, governments, and businesses can do to reduce it. Tips for consumers: Learning when food goes bad, buying imperfect produce, and cooking food with an eye to reducing waste.

Look for Blogging Boomer Carnival #275 next week for more information for the Boomer Nation.

Copyright 2012, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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