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Completing a photo book is this week best consumer experience while Safeway customer service disappoints

By Rita R. Robison

As usual, one terrific consumer experience stands out while I’m still annoyed about another.

My best consumer experience: Finishing a 50-page photo book

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This spring, I proposed to a friend to make a photo book of her historical exhibits and events, many of which I’d photographed. We spent more than 100 hours working on a draft.

Without any warning, Ritz Camera, where we were drafting our book and had prepaid for two copies, closed its store in Olympia, Wash. We had to go to Cameras West in Seattle, one of only two remaining Ritz Camera stores in the state, to complete our project.

The 20 x 20 books are beautiful. With help from the Cameras West staff, we were successful with our project.

My worst consumer experience: Low-quality customer service at Safeway

On my way back from Seattle after a session working on the photo book, I stopped in Federal Way at Safeway to get a sandwich.

While I was waiting in line behind a young man, a woman came up with a carton of eggs. She asked the Deli clerk to ring up her eggs because the checkout lines were long.

Despite the fact that I made several comments, the Deli clerk went ahead and served that customer ahead of the two of us waiting in line.

As I paid for my sandwich, I told the Deli clerk how rude it was for the woman to step ahead of us. She shrugged her shoulders and laughed. I asked to see the manager. The Deli clerk said the manager had gone home.

Now, I’m good at consumer complaints. I’ve shopped at my neighborhood Safeway for more than 30 years. I know there’s always a manager at a Safeway store.

I continued asking for the manager. Finally, a manager, Kyle, appeared.

I explained what had happened. He asked the Deli clerk what had occurred. She laughed and said she was busy closing up.

Kyle said he’d see that the staff was trained on what to do when people crowd in head of other customers.

Copyright 2012, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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