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Chemical industry spending staggering amounts to continue to use toxic chemicals in food and consumer products
Recall of the Week: Tricam Industries Easy Reach step stools due to fall hazard

My best consumer experience this week is avoiding banging up my car, while service and food at Dairy Queen disappoints

Today, a fall storm gave me a big present on my driveway.

Earlier this week, rushing to get my yard work done before the storms set in, I stopped at Dairy Queen.

My best consumer experience: Missing a big tree limb

Tree Branch

Today, I was in a hurry to go see my daughter who is visiting a friend in Portland.

As I was backing out of my garage, I heard a thud and hit the brakes. Behind me was a big tree ranch that had fallen in my driveway. Fortunately, I didn’t damage my car by when I hit it.

A lesson. Always check the driveway before I drive out of the garage.

My worst consumer experience: Going to Dairy Queen

Since I was working hard to get my yard work done before the fall storms got heavy, I stopped at Dairy Queen to get some food.

I asked the two staff who were waiting on customers if they took charge cards.

One asked if it was like a debit card. I said, no, it wasn’t a debit card. The other one said they could just try it to see if it worked. What, I said. What are you talking about? It’s a credit card, I said. Do you take credit cards?

One of the clerks said yes. Apparently, these youngsters hadn’t heard of the term charge card. It was irritating.

Then my food arrived. It wasn’t that great. While I don’t think I’ve ever said anything positive about McDonald’s, the fish sandwich and fries I got at Dairy Queen were worse than what McDonalds serves.

Copyright 2012, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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