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Other uses for a salad spinner?

You can put your sweater in a salad spinner to drain out the excess water, then hang it up to dry.

That’s the advice given in a Huffington Post article.

The article caught my attention because I recently bought a salad spinner, an all-plastic $35 model at Target, for an unusual use.

Rock Pile Left to Do

I had a big yard project that got out of hand. When I decided to replace rotting weed fabric in my side yard, I raked the rocks into the dirt and weeds next to the fabric. The rocks got mixed with dirt and bits of weeds, moss, and straw. It was a big mess.

Buying a leaf blower helped. I used chicken wire to separate out the bigger rocks, then blew the dirt off. However, I still had to deal with the smaller rocks – usually sifting them through a piece of plastic screen door material.

Salad Spinner for Rocks

Then, as I was working away, the idea of buying a salad spinner to separate rocks from the dirt jumped in my head. The results were pretty good. While the rocks were too heavy to spin, I could put them in the basket and shake it, and almost all of the rocks stayed in the basket. And, when I rubbed them against the basket, all the small dirt clots broke up.

However, when it started raining and the clay-type soil got damp, the salad spinner method didn’t work anymore.

Do you have any unusual uses for a salad spinner? If so, let me know in the Comment section below.

Copyright 2012, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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