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Sewing machine research is my best consumer experience this week, while a huge rain storm causes problems

Sacramento Thanksgiving 2012 046

In recent years, I’ve been skipping Black Friday. However, I enjoyed shopping Saturday.

What I didn’t like was a big rainstorm earlier this week.

My best consumer experience: Shopping for a sewing machine

My daughter wants a new sewing machine. She makes quilts and her old Singer has problems. The thread’s tension is hard to adjust, and it runs too fast.

I did some Internet research on sewing machines, and we visited a store that had a number of different brands to try.

In high school, I made most of my clothes. However, I didn’t sew much after that.

It was fun to see the new sewing machine technology. My daughter got a good idea of the kind of machine she wants to buy.

My worse consumer experience: A record rainstorm

Monday, I got nervous when the lights flickering several times. I was traveling the next day, so I rushed through my laundry.

It would have been a disaster if the power went out, and I had to take wet or dirty clothes in my suitcase.

On the evening news, I heard we had a record 2 ½ inches of rain. Three inches was predicted for Tuesday.

I’d just had my gutters cleared out when I had my roof cleaned. However, I worried about 3 inches of rain. That’s a lot of water.

At 9 p.m., I went out and looked in my gutters. Sure enough. Some more leaves and pine needles had accumulated.

I spent nearly an hour with my flashlight clearing stuff out of the gutters.

Copyright 2012, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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