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December 2012

Tasting wine is my best consumer experience this week, while being refused service at a watch booth disappoints

With the torrential rains we’re having, I haven’t felt like going out much. However, I did venture out and had a positive happening and one not so good. My best consumer experience: Tasting wine with a friend A couple of months ago, I won $25 in a drawing from Olympia-Lacey-Tumwater... Read more →

State and local governments with sagging budgets give gigantic incentives to companies to locate in their areas

Saturday, I wrote an article about how corporations, especially financial institutions, are seeing record profits while workers and consumers continue to struggle. Corporations also are reaping gigantic benefits from the tax breaks and incentives they’re receiving from state and local governments who via to get the companies to move to... Read more →

Corporations doing increasing well, while workers and consumers suffer

It was startling to read a Huffington Post article Friday that finance companies are raking in profits. Corporate profits reached a record high in the third quarter, and the financial sector is doing particularly well, the article said, quoting a Commerce Department report released Thursday. The article also said that... Read more →