Facts and figures for the 2012 holiday season
Merry Christmas to you all

What do Americans like most, least about the holidays?

A Consumer Reports poll shows that the holiday season is a happy time for most Americans, but there are still some things about this time of year that people don’t like.

Christmas TableAmericans’ biggest holiday dreads, according to the poll, include:

  • Crowds and long lines (58 percent)
  • Gaining weight (41 percent)
  • Aggressive or thoughtless driving in store parking lots (40 percent)
  • Getting into debt (30 percent)
  • Gift shopping (20 percent)
  • Seasonal music (14 percent)
  • Disappointing gifts (13 percent)
  • Seeing certain relatives (12 percent)
  • Traveling (10 percent)
  • Having to attend holiday parties, gatherings, or events (9 percent)
  • Having to be nice (4 percent)
  • Holiday tipping (3 percent)

When asked what they wished they could do differently from how they expected to spend their time during the holiday season, 22 percent of Americans said they’d like to change their holiday activities. Thirteen percent wished they could alter their holiday food menu, and an equal amount said they wished they could celebrate with a different group of people. Fifty-three percent wouldn’t change a thing.

The Consumer Reports Holiday Poll also showed that 60 percent of shoppers would rather receive cash as a present than a gift card. And eight-in-10 would rather receive something practical over something expensive or showy as a gift.

More results of the Consumer Reports Holiday Poll are available at ConsumerReports.org.

Copyright 2012, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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tom sightings

Gee, most of those things -- except items #2, #3 and #4 -- are part of the holiday FUN if you ask me!

Rita Robison

Hi Tom,

I agree. I enjoy most of the items on the list, too. However, #1 bothers me, too, long lines and crowds.

Thanks for your comment.


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