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Getting the coupon price for a gift is my best consumer experience this week, while a letter from my bank with an error disappoints

It brought joy to be able to give a nice present to my great-niece. However, I was furious to get a letter from my bank with a mistake.

My best consumer experience: Getting the coupon price on a gift

When my sister and I went to visit my niece in the Fort Lauderdale area, we went to the mall for a walk before we headed to Bahama Breeze for dinner.

Savannah Sherbert DressWe went in the Justice shop, a store with clothes for kids and teens, which is the favorite brand of my niece’s daughter Savannah. My niece showed us two dresses that Savannah liked that were on sale.

When we finished our walk and went by the shop, I suggested we buy the dresses for Savannah for an early birthday present.

When the sales associate scanned the first dress, she said the dresses weren’t on sale without a coupon. They would be $50, not $30.

We were flabbergasted. We didn’t notice that a coupon was required. My niece had other coupons for Justice, but they weren’t valid until the next day.

We looked at each other and were getting ready to leave when the sales associate rang up the first dress at the sale price. Then the second one.

It turned out well, but we noticed as we were leaving the mall that none of the other retail clothing shops required coupons for their sales.

My worst consumer experience: Getting a letter from my bank with an error

This month, my mortgage is paid off. Hurrah.

However, I was very upset when I got a letter from my bank saying that I had requested my automatic payments be stopped, so I would be getting statements or a payment coupon book for future payments.

What? Doesn’t my bank know that I only have one partial payment left?

When I called on Monday, the person at the Payoff Office said the letter was a form letter that was generated. The bank can’t take a partial payment from my bank account so the letter was sent.

I told the banker that I’d paid thousands and thousands of dollars of interest over the years on the mortgage and I expected a higher level of customer service.

Copyright 2013, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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