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Top 10 places to travel for Labor Day

What’s happening on Labor Day 2013?

What are your plans for Labor Day? Will you be visiting family or friends? Going to a great, new vacation spot? Hosting a barbecue? Just relaxing at home? Or, unfortunately, working?

Labor Department-centennial2-1Here’s what’s going on around America this year:


About 34.1 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more from home during the upcoming Labor Day holiday, a 4.2 percent increase from the 32.7 million people who traveled last year.

The rise in holiday travel is mainly due to increased consumer spending and the improving housing market, said AAA Travel. The total number of 2013 Labor Day holiday travelers is expected to be the highest since the Great Recession.

Eighty-five percent of travelers, 29.2 million, will travel by automobile, an increase of 4.3 percent from 28 million last year

Holiday air travel is expected to increase nearly 3 percent to 2.61 million.

The average traveler is expected to travel a round-trip distance of 594 miles and spend $804.


Millions of Americans will be shopping this Labor Day weekend. You’ll be able to find plenty of bargains during Labor Day sales if shopping what you want to do.

The summer’s best clothing sales aren’t over yet, according to You’ll also be able to find sales for back-to-school items, patio furniture, grills, and mattress.

To prevent overspending, figure out how much you can afford to spend then make a list of what you need. Be sure you know the regular price range of what you plan to buy so a “fake” sale doesn’t trick you.

Facts and figures on workers

Who is the American worker?

Here are the numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau:

About 155.7 million people 16 and older make up the American labor force.

Retail sales is the largest category of workers at 4.3 million, followed by cashiers at 3.3 million, food preparation and serving including fast food at 2.9 million, office clerks at 2.8 million, registered nurses at 2.6 million, waiters and waitresses at 2.3 million, customer service representatives at 2.3 million, and laborers, janitors, and secretaries at 2.1 million each.

The median earnings for men are $48,202 and $37,118 for women.

Just over 76 percent of workers drive alone to work, taking an average of 25.5 minutes to get there. Another 9.7 percent carpooled and 2.8 percent walked from home.

Whatever your plans, I hope the weather is fantastic where you live and you have a great Labor Day.

Copyright 2013, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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