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Want to avoid unsafe toys? See the W.A.T.C.H. list of ‘10 worst toys of 2013’
Recall of the Week: Yankee Candle Co.’s pine berry candle rings due to fire hazard

Top 10 stories on the Boomer Guide this year

It’s been rewarding year for me writing about consumer issues for the Baby Boomer Nation.

Rita on July FourthWhat articles have my readers of my blog liked the most? Here are my top 10 articles from 2013:

1. “Check Your Credit Reports in 2013.” This is a task consumers should undertake each year so that errors can be found and corrected.

2. “Guns, Living Life Well, Parenting, Health, Sports, Finance, and Charities Are Topics for This Week’s Best of Boomer Blogs.” It’s fun to participate in a blog roundup for baby boomers. I’m glad that my readers enjoy the articles.

3. “FDA Proposes Rules to Improve Safety of Imported Food.” Two new rules would require imported food to meet the same standards as food produced in the United States.

4. “What Consumers Need to Know About Crowdfunding.” Since crowdfunding is new, consumers need to know the pros and cons of contributing.

5. “Recall of the Week: Teavana Glass Tea Tumblers Due to Laceration Hazard.” Every week I choose a recall to remind consumers of the need to keep up with recalled items and regularly visit

6. “Federal Agency Warns Companies They Must Investigate Consumer Credit Disputes.” After a credit card company gets information from a credit reporting agency about a consumer complaint, it’s required review it, conduct an investigation, and respond to the consumer reporting company.

7. “Pediatricians Group Supports Research, Labeling Requirements, and Safety Standards for Cell Phones.” The pediatricians’ group thinks more cell phone research and safety requirements are needed to protect children.

8. “Attorney General Charges Two Banks Are Violating Terms of Mortgage Agreement.” The New York Attorney General charges that Bank of America and Wells Fargo have repeatedly violating the terms of the National Mortgage Settlement.

9. “Think Sustainability for Mother’s Day This Year.” Ideas on sustainable ways to treat mom include cooking a meal with locally grown foods, eating at a restaurant that serves local foods, buying fair trade, and planting a garden.

10. “Have You Tried an April Fools’ Day Joke Yet?” My readers like articles about the holidays, so I write frequently about consumer tips for these special days.

Runners up included articles on scams, food waste, and health care credit card high pressure sales.

Thank you, my fantastic readers, for supporting my blog. It’s rewarding to write about consumer issues that are important to baby boomer consumers and get your feedback.


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