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Are vitamins good for you or … bad for you?
What did you have for New Year's dinner?

Best wishes for the New Year

Happy New Year, dear readers.

I spent most of New Year’s Eve Day writing two articles; top consumer tips for 2014 and whether vitamins are good for you or bad for you.

Cecilia New Years EveThe consumer tips are things I’ve written about before; make a budget, be sure to have savings, file consumer complaints, plan for retirement, and so on.

But the article on vitamins was totally different. There is so much conflicting research information. Then, as I said in my article, it’s almost impossible to determine who paid for the study and whether the researchers were unbiased. For three recent studies I wrote about, I couldn’t open the pdfs about the author’s conflict of interest.

I concluded that consumers just don’t know if vitamins are good for them or not.

This is why I find writing for baby boomer consumers so rewarding. I learn new things about consumer issues each day.

Recently, I wrote about the top consumer stories of 2013 and the stories on this blog that my readers liked the most during 2013. It’s been a fairly good year for consumers. Dozens of huge fines levied against big banks, new regulations to protect consumers, and, of course, the opportunity to sign up, although unfortunately difficult for consumers, for health care insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

Thank you for sharing this consumer journey with me. I look forward to 2014 and writing more articles about consumer issues important to the Boomer Nation. And, let’s hope that the positive news – a slowly improving economy and better protections for consumers – continues in 2014.


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