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Boomer Guide celebrates its 6th Anniversary

When I started a blog in 2008, I wasn’t sure exactly how it would work, but I knew I wanted to bring consumer information to baby boomer consumers.

Rita in Consuegra 1470406_10152697220932662_993959433_n_2Six years later, I’m appreciative that I’ve been able to reach thousands of consumers.

Being a blogger is like having your own newspaper. I write about current consumer news, how to buy items and live better, and safety information.

I’ve written 1,778 articles for this blog and 1,245 on my other blog for boomer consumers. In total, that’s just over 3,000 articles.

Through my blogs, I’ve reached nearly 1 million readers. That’s a staggering amount, which is only possible because of the Internet and a blogging system that allows writers like me to easily get information to readers.

Some of my favorite articles this past year are:

My readers liked:

So, keep reading during 2014 and let me know what consumer issues are important to you.


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Tom Sightings

Congrats on 6 years ... and over 3000 posts! I'm approaching 400, and can't possibly imagine writing another 2,600. But with your inspiration I'll keep plugging along,


Hi Tom,

Thanks for your encouragement.

Many of my articles are consumer news, so I don't need to think up all of the content of the articles.

You do many thought pieces on your blog, which I think take more time than reporting news.

In any case, blogging certainly allows us to reach more people with our ideas.

Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment on my 6th anniversary.


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