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Consumers rate Toyota, Ford, Honda, and Chevrolet high in Consumer Reports 2014 car-survey
Super Bowl ads slightly improved this year, but violence, sexism, and ageism still being used to sell

Baby boomer bloggers write about the joys and challenges of aging

I’m the host for this week’s Best of Boomer Blogs #344.

Snow winter-storms-amp-extreme-cold-5326As the snow storms surprisingly spread to the Seattle area where I live, boomer bloggers are writing about health, aging battles, exercise, cars, and music.

Testosterone replacement therapy is becoming a craze. Unfortunately it’s not without the possibility of severe health side effects. Martin Rice takes a look at some of these dangers in his Fifty2Ninety blog.

Karen D. Austin from The Generation Above Me is growing tired of battling Father Time day after day, so she wonders: should she fight, resign, or embrace the realities of aging?

The 2014 Winter Olympics have officially begun, which means that Amy Blitchok from Modern Senior will be camped out on her couch for the next few weeks watching the competition and plotting ways to earn her own gold medal. If you are also interested reigniting your competitive spirit and finding an outlet for your athletic abilities, read her article “Channeling the Olympic Spirit of Sochi 2014” for ideas and stories about inspiring senior athletes.

On my blog, I write about how consumers rated Toyota, Ford, Honda, and Chevrolet as the leading brands overall, according to Consumer Reports’ annual Car-Brand Perception Survey. Tesla and Subaru are moving up the rankings.

The Midlife Crisis Queen Laura Lee Carter says a few key technological developments created the boomer music scene. Go learn what these are.

Bart Drolenga from The Highway Is My Home has invited five inspiring 50-plus people to share their favorite local spot. From pin-up photographer Allen Freeman to vintage hunter Lizzie Bramlett to bluesman Rev KM Williams, in "five inspiring places selected by five inspiring people" you can find out where they love to hang out.

In his latest post Tom Sightings of Sightings From Sixty investigates an important issue, a problem that surpasses all others, a fundamental question in kitchen politics that especially affects all people on the better side of 50: "Honey, Can You Open This for Me?"

Be sure to visit the blogs of these fabulous boomer bloggers. And, be sure to tune in again to see what boomer bloggers are writing about.


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