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What are your plans for Earth Day?

Earth images-2Today is Earth Day, and more than one billion people in nearly 200 countries are taking action to protect the environment. 

“Earth Day is the most powerful force the environmental movement has ever known,” said Kathleen Rogers, president of Earth Day Network. “Millions of people will be permanently recruited into the environmental movement.”

This year Earth Day Network is focusing on green cities. Cities are working to transition to a more sustainable future through efficiency upgrades, investment in renewable energy, and regulation reform.

As part of the campaign, Earth Day Network is working directly with cities across the United States, such as Jackson, Miss., and Santa Fe, N.M., to carry out sustainable programs and policies at the local level.

“For the first time in history, most people on Earth live in urban areas,” said Franklin Russell, director of Earth Day at Earth Day Network. “Many of these cities are desperately trying to transform themselves into models of efficiency and sustainability, and some are preparing to face the perils of climate change.”

Creating “green cities” means redesigning transportation infrastructure, modernizing energy systems, and rethinking the way cities are built, Russell said.

Across the world, millions of schoolchildren will take part in education, civic, and outdoor programs that will teach them about the importance of clean air and water, how to begin a lifelong practice of citpzen participation, and experience the wonders of nature. 

And, in almost every country on earth, citizens will be making demands on their governments to enforce environmental laws and take action to solve the climate crises, he said.

To learn more about Earth Day 2014 and how you can get involved, visit

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