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Fire Map 10511156_10152576619889110_2661238920093268585_nI’m the host for this week’s Best of Boomer Blogs #365.

How is your summer going? Is your garden growing well? Are you enjoying fresh fruit? Are you longing for cooler weather? Haven you been on or are going on a vacation? Are you beset my floods or forest fires?

Central Washington where I grew up is ablaze with fires. Part of the town of Pateros, the next community up the road from where I grew up, has burned.

So, I’m happy to be enjoying unusual, hot summer days in the Seattle area, visiting with my daughter and grandchildren but not having to think about evacuating or whether your house will or has burned to the ground.

Other boomer bloggers are, like me, are routinely enjoying the pleasures of summer and writing about interesting topics that are catching their fancy:

Amy Blitchok of the Modern Senior asks important questions: Are you guilty of automatically raising your voice when addressing an older adult? Think they don’t notice or appreciate your unsolicited attention? You might mean well, but don’t assume they don’t notice. Here is a reminder from Blitchok on “How Not to Treat a Senior.”

Laura Lee Carter of the Midlife Crisis Queen has been living in small town USAfor about a month now, and she still finds it great.

Tom Sightings of Sightings From Sixty in his post “Beyond Red and Blue” wonders how much the media pundits try to twist their arguments ... and our minds. Along the way, Sightings came across an incredible statistic that reveals just how often comments by the hosts and personalities on FOX and MSNBC are "mostly or completely false."

On my blog, I write about a warning from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration about the dangers to consumers of powdered pure caffeine, which is being sold in bulk bags over the Internet. Symptoms of caffeine overdose can include rapid or dangerously erratic heartbeat, seizures, and death. Vomiting, diarrhea, stupor, and disorientation are also symptoms of caffeine toxicity.

Be sure to take a look at these articles and leave a comment, too. Boomer bloggers love to get comments.

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