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Today’s consumer tip: Keep your medical papers in files

A tip to use Skype is my best consumer experience, while having to repeat a blood test is my worse

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The best

Recently, I wrote about how to buy a phone card. I mentioned I haven’t purchased one recently, even though my daughter lives overseas. I tried to program the long phone card access number into my telephone, but it didn’t work well.

A friend left a comment on my article with several suggestions. One was to use Skype.

Although my daughters Skype, I don’t use it often. However, that’s changing now.

I Skyped with my daughter and grandchildren. It was great fun.

I’ll be Skyping more often.

The worst

I also recently wrote about a blood test I had, and how upsetting it was that the technician kept jabbing the needle around in my arm until she finally was able to draw some blood. Yuck.

So, I get a phone call from my doctor’s office saying that the test needs to be repeated in a month because some of the levels were slightly high.

I had asked to get a copy of the lab results so I could send them to my naturopath. The report said, “Results slightly increased due to hemolysis.”

Hemolysis is the breakage of the red blood cell’s membrane, causing the release of the hemoglobin and other internal components into the surrounding fluid. It may be caused by improper specimen collection.

As I said in my other article, I’ll ask for a different technician if I go to that lab again.

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