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Today’s consumer tip: Do research before switching to a robo financial adviser

Although it's still new, the online financial adviser industry is growing. Instead of visiting a financial adviser personally in their communites to get advice on investments, consumers can get investment advice from online companies. Consumer Reports says robo-advisers offer the basics, but not much else, although they’re cheaper and possibly... Read more →

Finding out my car doesn’t need a new airbag is my best consumer experience, while Apple customer service is my worst

The Best I was surprised to find out that my 2002 Honda Accord is on the recall list of cars that might need to have the airbag on the passenger’s side replaced. Millions of cars are being recalled because shrapnel might be ejected when the airbags are deployed. I called... Read more →

Today’s consumer tip: Don’t let strangers have control of your computer

Several months ago, I got a call from a guy who said he had information that my network was having problems. Normally, I just hang up, but I have WiFi so I thought he might know something about it. We talked about 10 minutes, and I wouldn’t give him remote... Read more →

Many Americans don’t ask basic questions before signing up for health insurance, survey finds

With open enrollment for Affordable Care Act starting in November, a survey finds that 42 percent of Americans say they probably won’t review a health insurance plan’s details before signing up. An American Institutes for Research survey found wide gaps in Americans’ health insurance knowledge, with only 20 percent able... Read more →

Today’s consumer tip: Where you can enter your VIN number to find out if your airbags need to be replaced, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website, isn’t working well to type in your Vin number to see if the airbags in your car need to be replaced, according to ConsumerAffairs. Carfax recently set up a much better VIN look-up site – one that actually works, ConsumerAffairs said. Read more →

Best time to buy airline tickets is on Sunday and at least eight weeks in advance

Average Ticket Price vs. Advanced Purchase Days for U.S. Domestic Flights Showing Average Ticket Price Between 300 Days and Departure. I’ve written many times, often with frustration, about trying to find a cheap airline tickets. So this new study caught my attention. It shows that the least expensive air tickets... Read more →

Today’s consumer tip: Don’t fall for work-at-home schemes

I’ve been a consumer journalist for decades. One of the first scams I learned about was work-at-home schemes. Back then, the scams often involved envelopes. It was disappointing to find out that something that could really help people – working at home – actually robbed them. In the latest work-at-home... Read more →

Lenders continue to fail to help student loan borrowers, pushing them into default

Private student loan borrowers who are having problems paying off their obligations are being driven into default. Report outlines issues Distressed borrowers report that they receive very little information or help when they get in trouble, that there are no affordable loan modification options available, and that the alternatives to... Read more →