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Figuring out a new way to store my photos is my best consumer experience, while poor customer service from Apple is my worse

External Hard DriveIMG_0481The best

When I went to the Apple store to get solutions for why my computer is running so slowly, the Apple genius said I can’t store any more photos in iPhoto. It’s reached capacity with more than 100,000 photos in it.

He suggested that I buy an external hard drive for storing my photos. I bought one, hooked it up, and figured how to upload the photos from my camera to it.

It’s a good thing I was able to figure this out. I had a photo assignment and needed to deliver the photos to my client.

After I uploaded all the photos, I selected the ones I wanted to deliver and put them in a file on my Desktop. The ones that I needed to crop, lighten, or straighten, I imported into iPhoto then put the corrected photo back into the original file.

It worked well. It would have taken hours uploaded the photos into iPhoto and tried to work with them there.

Apple Store

The worst

I’ve written not once, but twice about poor customer service from Apple.

Now, I get home and look at the directions the Apple “genius” gave me on how to make a DVD of the movie I made in iMovie.

I had hoped that what he gave me was a video of how to do it or directions.

However, he gave me a 34-page document on how to use iDVD, which he said Apple no longer supports.

As my grandchildren say, “What the?”


Copyright 2014, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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