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Give wisely on Giving Tuesday and throughout holiday season

Giving TuesdayGiving Tuesday, the national day of giving, launches the holiday giving season on December 2, following Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Before donating to a charity, it’s a good idea to review any charity you want to give to and make sure it’s a trustworthy organization.

The BBB Wise Giving Alliance, along with Better Business Bureaus across North America, is sharing five tips to help donors pick reputable charities and avoid scam artists.

“Our main objective is to help donors find charities they can trust,” said H. Art Taylor, president and CEO, the BBB WGA.

The BBB WGA recommends these tips to give wisely, on Giving Tuesday and any day of the year:
  1. Watch out for copycats. There may be hundreds of charities seeking support in the same category, and some may have similar sounding names. Don’t fall for a case of mistaken identity.
  2. Consider the whole picture, not just finances. While financial ratios help in identifying cases of financial abuse, it’s a mistake to use them as the sole basis for making a giving decision. A good ratio doesn’t necessarily mean a charity is well managed, honest in its appeals, transparent about its activities, and effective in achieving its mission.
  3. Avoid being pressured. Don’t give in to pressure to make an on-the-spot giving decision. Responsible organizations will welcome your gift tomorrow just as much as today.
  4. Keep emotions in check. Donors need to be mindful that con artists will often strike when emotions are running high. Always take a moment to verify that your selected charity operates ethically.
  5. Rely on thorough evaluations. Charities can demonstrate they’re trustworthy by undergoing a thorough evaluation based on standards such as the 20 BBB Standards for Charity Accountability. For details on charities, to go BBB Charity Reports at
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