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Feds take action against mortgage companies for implying they’re government approved

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau took action Thursday against three mortgage companies for misleading consumers with advertisements implying U.S. government approval of their products. The bureau is suing reverse mortgage lender All Financial Services, seeking to halt its illegal activities. The bureau is also ordering Flagship Financial Group and American... Read more →

Watch out for exotic new food creations that could pack on the pounds

While health, nutrition, and slow food advocates are educating Americans about eating healthier, others are making even more new grossly fattening food. On Wednesday, KING-TV’s New Day Northwest host, Margaret Larson, and her guests made and gushed over an ice cream pie. Instead of pie crust, which is bad enough... Read more →

Shopping ideas for Presidents’ Day

It’s Presidents’ Day If you’re planning on shopping, here are some tips to help you: DealNews Clothing and tech dominate For the past few years, winter apparel has dominated most Presidents' Day sales, making up 32 percent of all deals during that holiday. In the past two years DealNews noticed... Read more →

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ books are disturbing, followed by equally awful movie

Valentine's Day, a day celebrating love, seems to be as good a day as an to be writing about "Fifty Shades of Grey." For decades, America has been working on teaching people that it’s wrong to hit and beat up women. Now, the Fifty Shades of Grey books come along... Read more →

Still looking for a Valentine’s Day deal?

It’s late, but has some suggestions that could be helpful if you’re still shopping for the big romantic day Saturday. Its recommendations are: Jewelry and flowers reign supreme Of the many deals listed last year, jewelry and flowers were the most dominant, accounting for 35 percent and 17... Read more →

How to have a more sustainable Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, before planning your romantic dinner or buying roses and chocolate, the Food Tank wants you to think about how your choices will affect the hands that feed you. The average consumer spends about $116 on Valentine’s Day, and florists make about $400 million in revenue, according to... Read more →