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Startling ideas to ponder on Earth Day

20 Earth Day heroes

Earth Day EarthToday is the 45th anniversary of Earth Day.

To celebrate it, the Food Tank offers this list of its 20 of favorite innovators:

Jamila Abass, a co-founder of M-Farm, a technology tool for small farmers to receive information on the retail price of their products in Kenya.

Will Allen, founder of Growing Power Inc., a nonprofit organization for urban agriculture and community building.

Bruno Follador, a geographer, biodynamic researcher, and chromatography, focuses on life processes and improving the health of farms.

Eric Holt-Giménez, an author, agroecologist, and food system researcher, advocates for peasant farm workers and helps the Farmer to Farmer Movement.

John Georges, inventor of Tree T Pee, which stimulates root growth, protects trees from frost, and reduces fuel, herbicide, and fertilizer use, while conserving water.

Ernst Gotsch, developed complex crop systems in the 1970s, such as planting corn with beans or apples with cherries in Germany and Switzerland, and is developing agroecological practices in Brazil.

Stephanie Hanson, director of policy and outreach at One Acre Fund, which provides small farmers in Africa with support and training.

Selina Juul, founded The Stop Wasting Food movement in 2008 in Denmark.

Byung Soo Kim, pioneered organic farming in South Korea.

Federica Marra, created Manna From Our Roofs, which engages young people in food cultivation, preservation, and education.

Pashon Murray, owner and co-founder of Detroit Dirt, a business that takes food scraps from restaurants, cafeterias, and the Detroit Zoo and turns it into compost.

Gary Paul Nabhan, works with others to build a climate resilient food shed that covers the United States-Mexico border.

Nora Pouillon, opened Restaurant Nora in 1979 and works with farmers to supply the restaurant with seasonal organic produce.

Florence Reed, founded Sustainable Harvest International, which works to combats tropical deforestation in Central America.

Joel Salatin, a third generation alternative farmer in Virginia, presents alternatives to conventional food production.

Sara Scherr, founder and president of EcoAgriculture Partners, a nonprofit that works with agricultural communities around the world to develop ecoagriculture landscapes.

Coach Mark Smallwood, executive director of Rodale Institute, based in Pennsylvania, which has pioneered the organic movement through research, education, and outreach since 1947.

Amber Stott, founder the Food Literacy Center in California, a community food education center that inspires kids to eat their vegetables.

Martha Mwasu Waziri, using environmentally safe practices, reclaimed 18 acres of land, now used as productive farmland, in Tanzania that had been eroded by a river.

Kanthi Wijekoon, jailed while she was trying to escape Sri Lanka to find a better life for her family, she was helped by The Rural Women’s Front and now leads programs that increase daily wages for women rice farmers.

Copyright 2015, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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