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Recall of the Week: Ford expands door latch recall

Ford Fiesta v06996P008Ford Motor Co. is expanding a safety recall for door latches to include about 156,000 more vehicles at the request of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, bringing the total to 545,906 vehicles in North America.

The door latch’s pawl spring tab could break, causing the door not to latch properly. The door could unlatch while the car is being driven, increasing the risk of injury.

There are two reports of soreness resulting from an unlatched door bouncing back when the customer attempted to close it. One accident was reported when an unlatched door swung open and hit another vehicle as the driver was pulling into a parking space.

Vehicles in the recall include these models: 2011-14 Fiestas built in Mexico; 2013-14 Fusions built in Mexico and Michigan; and 2013-14 Lincoln MKZs built in Mexico.

The recall includes 456,440 vehicles in the United States, 50,681 in Canada, and 38,785 in Mexico.

Ford said dealers will replace all four door latches at no cost to the customer.

Consumer actions recommended by the NHTSA:

  1. Check your vehicle’s identification number online at to see if it’s included in the recall.
  1. Keep an eye on the mail for a notice from your vehicle’s manufacturer to bring your car in to be fixed.
  1. Always wear your seat belt and make sure everyone riding in your car is buckled up.
  1. If you experience difficulty getting the door to latch while attempting to close it, don’t drive the vehicle, even if it appears the door has latched. Don’t attempt to temporarily secure the door in a closed position (e.g., with a rope or by using the seat belt), and don’t have an occupant attempt to hold the door closed while the vehicle is being driven. Be safe and have the vehicle towed to the nearest dealership instead.
  1. If the door opens while the vehicle is in motion, pull over immediately and have the vehicle towed to the nearest dealership. Don’t attempt to reclose the door or to drive the vehicle.
Copyright 2015, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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