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Teflon_Pan_022_RZMore than 200 scientists signed the “Madrid Statement” recently calling for an end to the use of a class of chemicals called perfluorinated chemicals or PFCs or PFAs.

The statement cites evidence that PFCs are linked to cancer, reproductive harm, and other health problems and that they don’t break down in the environment. Instead they stay around for decades, exposing people and wildlife.

PFCs are used to make consumer products nonstick, water resistant, and stain resistant. They’re found in items such as nonstick cookware, raincoats, stain-resistant carpets, and pizza boxes.

See the Washington Toxics Coalition’s “Scientists Say Ditch Nonstick and Waterproof Chemicals” for a list of what you can do to avoid PFCs.

Copyright 2015, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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