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Facts and figures for Father’s Day 2015

Does your dad really want a Father’s Day gift that’s sentimental?

Father Child acf_hero_retina_spring_2-1U.S. fathers want sentimental gifts such as handwritten cards from their kids this Father’s Day, rather than items such as electronics or tools, according to a recent survey.

Really? I know ties and socks aren’t that popular as gifts for guys, but sentimental gifts top electronics and tools?

“Our survey revealed dads want gifts made with love they can showcase on their desk at work or refrigerator rather than the latest technology, tools, or even sporting goods,” said savings specialist Howard Schaffer. “As a dad myself, I would have to agree that sentimental gifts are always something I hold onto longer and bring me the most joy.”

Top Father’s Day gifts

When asked which Father’s Day gifts they’d like to receive, dads chose handwritten cards over flashier gifts.

  • Handwritten cards, 33 percent.
  • Electronics such as a drone or smart watch,16 percent.
  • Sporting goods such as hunting or golf,15 percent.
  • Tools including do-it-yourself or gardening,13 percent.
  • Outdoor items including a hammock or barbecue, 9 percent.
  • Clothing, 9 percent.
  • Activity tracker such as a fitbit or garmin, 5 percent.

Least favorite Father’s Day gifts

Traditional Father’s Day gifts such as shaving tools, socks, and ties were on the bottom of dad’s wish list.

  • The three gifts dads would least like to receive on Father’s Day are: gift baskets, 25 percent; personal hygiene products, 22 percent; and undergarments, 21 percent.
  • Other gifts such as old technology including a DVD player or MP3, 18 percent, and gift cards, 14 percent, were on the bottom of the list.
Copyright 2015, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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