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JP Morgan Chase to offer more consumers basic financial services

JP Morgan Chase Bank will modify its procedures for screening consumers who apply for checking accounts so more consumers will be able to open accounts, under an agreement with the New York Attorney General’s Office. Chase, which offers the option of a prepaid debit card known as the Liquid Card... Read more →

FTC shuts down robocall scam

Ever get a robocall from Card Services? I’ve received many, and it’s annoying. The calls, from Payless Solutions, are a scam using illegal robocalls to lie about lowering credit card interest rates, according the Federal Trade Commission, which has stopped the scam. The scam robocalls say that you qualify for... Read more →

Recall of the Week: 14 brands of Niagara bottled water due to possible E. coli contamination

Last week, Niagara Bottling issued a voluntary recall of spring water produced at two Pennsylvania plants from June 10-18 because there was evidence of E. coli bacteria at the spring source. Niagara said there have been no issues or E. coli contamination detected in its finished products or in the... Read more →

Supreme Court upholds same sex marriage

It’s fantastic that the U.S. Supreme Court issued a sweeping decision Friday allowing gay and lesbian couple to marry nationwide. In their five to four decision, the justices ruled same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marriage that state law can’t deny. Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote: Under the Constitution, same-sex... Read more →

Supreme Court upholds Affordable Care Act subsidies

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Thursday that tax credit subsidies, which help make health insurance more affordable for low-income Americans, can be offered in all states, including those that use the federal exchange. The vote was six to three. Pres. Barack Obama hailed the ruling with these remarks: Five years... Read more →

Reverse mortgage warning: Study finds many ads are misleading

Many advertisements for reverse mortgages contain incomplete or inaccurate information that can pose a serious risk to seniors who take out the loans, a recent study by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reports. The bureau warns consumers to “watch out for misleading and confusing reverse mortgage advertisements.” “We want older... Read more →

Baby boomer bloggers happy as summer’s arrives

Tom Sightings of Sightings Over Sixty is the host for this week’s Best of Boomer Blogs #409. One boomer blogger is happy that Summer Solstice occurred on Father’s Day. She hoped fathers and family would venture outside and maybe get some healthy exercise. Another writes about her dad, who served... Read more →

Recall of the Week: PetSmart Top Fin aquarium heaters due to fire or electrical shock hazard

PetSmart Inc. is recalling about 112,200 Top Fin plastic aquarium heaters in the United States and about 4,800 in Canada. About 33,000 heaters were previously recalled in August 2014. An electrical problem with the aquarium heaters poses a risk of fire or electrical shock to the consumer, the company and... Read more →