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Recall of the Week: 14 brands of Niagara bottled water due to possible E. coli contamination

Water Bottle reusing-plastic-bottleLast week, Niagara Bottling issued a voluntary recall of spring water produced at two Pennsylvania plants from June 10-18 because there was evidence of E. coli bacteria at the spring source.

Niagara said there have been no issues or E. coli contamination detected in its finished products or in the spring water that was delivered to its bottling facility.

The bottled water has Niagara Bottling on the label and is sold under these brand names: Acadia, Acme, Big Y, Best Yet, 7-Eleven, Niagara, Nature's Place, Pricerite, Superchill, Morning Fresh, Shaws, Shoprite, Western Beef Blue, and Wegman's.

Among the stores recalling the bottled water are Wegmans, ShopRite, 7-Eleven, and Acme.

When Niagara was informed of the potential presence of E. coli at the spring source, it immediately shut down its operations, disinfected the bottling lines, and initiated a voluntary recall in an “abundance of caution and in the interests of consumer safety,” the company said.

This recall relates to spring water produced in Niagara’s Pennsylvania manufacturing facilities in Hamburg and Allentown. It doesn’t relate to any purified water or any spring water produced outside of Pennsylvania or outside the June 10-18 timeframe.

The code information on the bottle indicates whether the bottled water is part of the recall. It shows the place, date, and time the product was produced. Only the bottled spring water with codes beginning with “F” or “A” are affected, the company said.

The first digit after the letter indicates the number of the production line. The next two numbers indicate the day, then the month in letters, the year, and then the time, based on a 24-hour clock.

For example, A610JUN15 2000 means produced on Allentown line 6, manufactured on June 10, 2015, at 8 p.m. A list of the recalled lots with case codes and best-by dates can be found here.

Niagara advises consumers to boil water from the recalled bottles or return it for a refund.

For further information, consumers can contact Niagara’s Consumer Affairs Department at 888-943-4894.

Copyright 2015, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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