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Baby boomer bloggers focus on veterans, love, math, and grandchildren

Laura Lee Carter of the Adventures of the New (and Improved) Old Farts is the host for this week’s Best of Boomer Blogs #426. Carter rightly tells us, in the wake of the devastating murders in Paris last week, that anything can happen to anyone of us at any time.... Read more →

Good drivers pay higher insurance premiums due to credit histories, other factors not related to driving

Many good drivers pay higher insurance premiums because of their credit history and other factors that have nothing to do with their driving record, according to Consumers Union, the advocacy division of Consumer Reports. “Auto insurance premiums should be based on your driving record, not your credit score, occupation, or... Read more →

FDA approves genetically modified salmon

It’s unfortunate that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced Wednesday that it has approved the sale of genetically modified salmon. As a person from the Seattle-area who eats a lot of wild salmon, I find the FDA action ill advised. The AquAdvantage salmon is an Atlantic salmon that has... Read more →

Huge for-profit college to pay $95.5 million to settle charges of illegal recruiting, consumer fraud

Photo: Kolossos Education Management Corp., the second-largest for-profit college in the country, has agreed to pay $95.5 million to settle charges it unlawfully recruited students by running a high-pressure boiler room where admissions staff were paid based on the number of students they enrolled, the U.S. Justice Department said Monday.... Read more →

Recall of the Week: eMax compact tractors due to fire hazard

Mahindra is recalling about 2,000 eMax compact tractors in the United States and about 100 in Canada. Fuel lines can break or leak, posing a fire hazard, the company and U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said. The firm received 61 reports of cracks in the fuel tank pipe. No injuries... Read more →

What do you think of the $1,000 gift cards being offered to owners of Volkswagen diesel cars?

Photo: Anonyme 3111 Seven weeks after news of Volkswagen’s emission scandal broke, the company is offering $1,000 in gift cards and vouchers to owners of the affected diesel cars. Michael Horn, president and CEO of Volkswagen Group of America, said they’re providing this “goodwill package” as a first step towards... Read more →

‘For-profit’ schools targeting veterans with high-pressure sales and lying about job placement

Several years ago, it was upsetting to read an article about “for-profit” schools that were charging veterans high tuition for courses that were worthless in getting them jobs. Millions in government-provided financial aid had been wasted. Many of these colleges aggressively target veterans. Amy Hebert, consumer education specialist for the... Read more →

Veterans Day free meals and deals for veteran and active military service members for 2015

Restaurants and retailers across the nation are offering free meals and deals to honor veterans and members of the military for Veterans Day this year. provides this listing of some of the items available. Bring some form of military ID with you: General freebies dining and meals Applebee’s –... Read more →