What to buy on Black Friday
Best and worst retailers for Black Friday deals in 2015

What not to buy on Black Friday

ClothingAs Black Friday approaches, millions of shoppers across the country are reading the ads and getting ready to line up to buy huge bargains.

Shoppers may spend even more money on holiday shopping than last year, with 28 percent planning to spend more than $600 on gifts compared to 25 percent in 2014 – an 11 percent increase, according to Offers.com’s 2015 Holiday Shopping survey.

But not every product you’ll see in Black Friday stores will be good bargains. Make sure you are spending your money wisely by reviewing Offers.com’s Black Friday predictions on what not to buy below:


While too-good-to-be-true pricing may be tempting, think twice before purchasing a doorbuster on Black Friday. Oftentimes, retailers will feature deep discounts on products of uncertain quality in an attempt to move these products out the door. In a recent Offers.com analysis of Black Friday 2014, it found that many of the products featured as doorbusters were rated three stars or less by Amazon reviewers.

Off-brand electronics

When shopping for electronics on Black Friday this year, you’ll see deals on products from both established and obscure brands.

Stay away from off-brand electronics. Generally, they use a lower quality of materials and are much less reliable than their name-brand counterparts. So if you hope to purchase a dependable and durable electronic product – whether it’s a laptop, TV, or tablet – make sure it’s from a brand you can trust.

Winter Apparel

You may find sales on fashion during Black Friday, but you probably won’t see the best deals of the year.  The deepest discounts on winter apparel will come in January, when retailers are anxious to clear out their inventory to make way for spring apparel.

Holiday decorations

Holiday decorations are usually marked up in November, and deeply discounted when the holidays are over. If you can wait to shop for holiday decorations until late December and early January, you can get ahead for the 2016 holiday season while saving big.


The best deals on jewelry are in the weeks after Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. If you can’t postpone your jewelry shopping until later in the year, your best bet for saving is to search for coupons.

As a smart shopper, you should do your homework before making any major purchase on Black Friday or any day of the year. A huge discount doesn’t indicate a quality product, so be sure to research product information and user reviews before buying this Black Friday.

For tips for Black Friday shopping, see my article “What to Buy on Black Friday.”

Copyright 2015, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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