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Study linking antidepressants to autism shows Big Pharma, Feds need to do a better job protecting consumers

Like the vast expansion in the use of opoid painkillers such as OxyContin, health care providers and pharmaceutical companies are responsible for millions of Americans taking antidepressants to attempt to treat depression. Now, a large study conducted by researchers at the University of Montreal shows using antidepressants during pregnancy greatly... Read more →

Baby boomer bloggers writing about Santa and Christmas

Tom Sightings at Sightings Over Sixty is the host for this week’s Best of Boomer Blogs #429. Sightings says boomer bloggers are interested in Christmas. And, he reports, he, like a lot of boomers, is open to the possibility that Santa Claus really exists. He’s looking out his window and... Read more →

Recall of the Week: Sweet Leaf Tea due to laceration hazard from glass fragments

The Sweet Leaf Tea Co. is recalling 1.5 million bottles 16-ounce glass bottles of Sweet Leaf Tea because they could contain glass fragments. This was caused by glass breakage during the filling process, the company said. Consumers could be cut or injured if they swallowed the fragments. The company has... Read more →

Tips for avoiding problems with gift cards

Gift cards are the most popular and convenient holiday gift, but consumers need to watch out for fake cards and security flaws. Holiday shoppers spent more than $31billion on gift cards in 2014, making them the number one gift eight years in a row, according to the National Retail Federation.... Read more →

How the generations look differently at the holidays and politics

As I was listening to the TV news after Thanksgiving, a baby boomer news reporter mentioned that one of the post Thanksgiving activities was taking grandma and grandpa to the airport. It reminded me that the younger generations have changed the way holidays are celebrated. In the past, families gathered... Read more →

What are hazards consumers should look out for during the holidays?

While the holidays are a joyous time to celebrate with family and friends, the season also poses a number of difficulties to watch out for. About 23 million Americans have had packages stolen from their homes before they could open them, according to survey conducted for Thieves are taking... Read more →

Two months after Oct. 1 deadline, most retailers aren’t able to read credit cards with chips, survey shows

Although four-dozen national and regional retailers have installed checkout terminals with slots to read credit cards with embedded computer chips, three-quarters of them haven’t enabled the devices chainwide, according to a survey by Credit card issuers set an Oct. 1 deadline for stores to begin accepting the cards, which... Read more →

Baby boomer bloggers write about travel, health, and home

Christmas in Madrid I’m the host for this week’s Best of Boomer Blogs #428. It’s the holidays, and several of our baby boomer bloggers are interested in traveling. I’m only thinking about it. Usually, I go to Madrid for Thanksgiving and Christmas to be with my daughter and her family,... Read more →

Recall of the Week: Celery from Taylor Farms Pacific due to E. coli contamination

The recall of Costco chicken salad has been expanded to include additional products in 14 stores – major retailers such as Walmart, Safeway, Sam's Club, Albertsons, 7-Eleven, and Target – and more than 155,000 products. Taylor Farms Pacific has recalled a number of products that contained a diced celery and... Read more →