Recall of the Week: IKEA chests and dressers due serious tip-over hazard
Tesoro, Par Hawaii agree to pay $425 million and reduce pollution in oil refinery settlement

Baby boomer bloggers write about summer fun, downsizing, careers, and kids who won’t leave home

Mazarron BalconyMeryl Baer of Six Decades and Counting is the host for this week’s Best of Boomer Blogs #457.

Baer writes about how friends and relatives descend on her and her husband’s beach cottage on the Jersey Shore during the summer. They bid visitors farewell and collapse, relax, recover, reenergize, and prepare for the next guests.

Other boomer bloggers write about what it’s like to downsize, what life might have been like if other paths would have been chosen in the 20s, what to do when a child won’t leave the nest, and the need to update the Funeral Rule this year to require funeral homes to provide price information online.

Be sure to take a look at these articles by clicking on the second link above.

And, as Baer says, take time to enjoy the wonders of summer such as the beach. It’s a peaceful microcosm in a world gone wild.

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Graham Forbes

Great site. The boomer issues are important, and sharing information and encouraging the continued active engagement of the boomers in the life ahead of them and the politics of decision making is critical. Disengagement will put us all at risk of being talked about and decided for.

Staying fit is part of staying active, and I have written about this recently.

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