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Baby boomer bloggers travel into fall

IMG_3662 (1)Meryl Baer of Six Decades and Counting describes the fun of her community’s fall festival, Funfest. However, my experience with “festivals” this weekend is quite different.

I’m a photojournalist, so as I go by the Legislative Building and see an interesting view with some emerging fall foliage, I decide to stop and take some photos.

I pull into a parking place and see two men getting out of a car with long guns. I immediately call 911. The operator tells me there is a gun rally. So, after pausing to consider my safety, I decide to attempt to take some photos.

It’s scary. In Washington state, we have “open carry.” To me, that’s just plain wrong. It’s frightening to see all these people with guns.

I move my car behind the Legislative Building. As I go by the corner of the building, I see two men with long guns, “marking” the perimeter of the rally. I don’t take the men’s photo because I don’t know what their reaction will be.

However, after I spend about half an hour taking photos at the rally and not getting yelled at or shot, I take their photo on the way back to my car. I ask them if the guns are loaded; they say yes.

The speakers, the day after shootings in Burlington, Wash., where five people were killed, said the rally was the safest place in the state because so many people have guns. I don’t agree. I’m terrified.

Other boomer bloggers were having a more mellow week. They describe a Celtic music festival, travel follies, how to save money when traveling, the joys of a part-time job, and what to do about the massive Yahoo hack.

This is the 467th issue of the Best of Boomer Blogs.

Be sure to check back next week about all the boomer goings on. We’re a lively group – always something exciting happening.

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