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After Christmas sales are starting as early as Dec. 20

Most baby boomer bloggers carry on positively, despite Trump’s ascendance to the presidency

Hillary ClintonWell, a week from today is Christmas. I should be feeling the holiday cheer… but I’m not.

Tomorrow, Dec. 19, the Electoral College will vote for the president of the United States. Electors have been urged by the thousands of Americans to select someone beside Donald Trump. However, they’re unlikely to do it, according to an article in The Washington Post.

I guess we’ll just have to brace ourselves for the on slot of bad policies and laws the Republicans are going to propose. Get rid of Medicare? Gut the Environmental Protection Agency? Replace public schools with charter schools? Abolish the U.S. Department of Energy? Shut down consumer protection? The list goes on and on.

Then, there’s Trump himself. He continues his bombastic style, with shocking comments almost daily. His latest? China can keep the American drone it captured in the South China Sea. What?

While I’ve been down in the dumps this week, I did notice something surprising.

Federal agencies are announcing what seems like an unusually large number of settlements with businesses – so many I couldn’t keep up with them. Here are a few:

  • DeVry University, a for-profit college, for inflating the truth about jobs prospects for its students.
  • Ashley Madison, a website known for marketing to people who are already in relationships but still want to date, for a lax security system that failed to protect 36 million users’ account and profile information. 
  • Aura Labs for a blood pressure app that doesn’t work. 
  • Vemma Nutrition Co., seller of energy, health, and wellness drinks, for operating a pyramid scheme. 

Maybe the agencies are trying to get lawsuits settled before Trump and his cronies take over the federal government.

On a happier note, here are the topics other boomer bloggers are writing about:

Carol Cassara over at Heart·Mind·Soul offers information on a quick, holiday meditation break. Cassara said it's a big help during stressful holiday preparations. She also offers some holiday travel tips for those of you flying this season.  

And, speaking of traveling.

Meryl Baer of Six Decades and Counting is enjoying an adventure in the Emerald Isle. When told her destination, friends and relatives wanted to know why Baer chose to visit Ireland during the winter. She answers the question in her post “Ireland? In December? Yes!” While exploring the Western Coast of Ireland, driving proved quite challenging. Read about her trip in “Irish Landscape on the Wild Side.”

Meanwhile back in the USA, Laura Lee Carter of the Adventures of the New Old Farts is enjoying her new solar home in rural Southern Colorado. "I can’t believe how much my life has changed since leaving city life behind,” Carter said. “I didn’t know the level of stress I was living with every day until it was gone...

Over at Sightings Over Sixty, Tom Sightings is introspective, as usual.

After the election, Sightings wrote “Boy Was I Wrong,” admitting he didn’t predict the winner of the presidential race. Then, he said he was going back to what he was doing – looking for a place to retire. 

This week, Sightings is wondering about blogging. Is it worth the effort, if you're just being self-indulgent and talking to yourself? He faces the issue in an article called “Blogging: Is It All About Me?” and asks how we can reach out to others and find mutual interests, rather than just having a conversation with ourselves.

This is the Best of Boomer Blogs #478. Please take the time to check out these articles. And, join in the conversations. Boomer bloggers love to hear from readers.

Copyright 2016, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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